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We are glad you found us and we are grateful for the opportunity and the privilege to share the Good News with you. We hope our site is helpful in expressing the heart of our ministry.

At some point in life, people look for answers to existential questions about who God is or where does life come from. It’s also common to feel hopeless when facing life daunting challenges. In these circumstances, many Christians & Non-Christians alike look for solutions from a mixture of world religions, their personal experiences, and some man made concepts. Our mission is to reveal Jesus to you and to help you navigate life challenges by encouraging you to trust in God and in His promises for you in the Bible and to nurture a relationship with Jesus-Christ. As you agree to journey with us, we hope and pray this is the beginning of a collaboration that will help you know our loving father in a deeper way. Yours in Christ,

Franck & Doris Gueye-Oue

Like desert wanderers looking for an Oasis, some among us have been looking for joy, peace and fulfillment but they have only found empty promises and disappointment in life; I want to reassure you, Jesus is not a mirage, He is real. And He is the oasis you’ve been looking for.
Franck Gueye-Oue

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Doris & Franck are passionate about sharing the Gospel thru the lens of the finished work of Christ. They have lived on several continents and they serve as missionaries on the Eastside of the Seattle metropolitan area.

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Christian Education

We teach the word with the purposes of revealing Christ from Genesis to Revelation, interpreting and understanding the Scriptures through the lens of the Cross and Christ’s resurrection.

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Giving is an expression of our love and trust in God, because when we give, we place our trust in Him and His provision instead of our perceived self sufficiency.

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We hold other events periodically to exhort, edify and equip the Body of Christ.

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